How do I delete an agenda?

Consider carefully before deleting an agenda as it will disappear completely from FirstAgenda after your deletion. So if you are using DMS integration and need to make a change in the agenda, make the change in your DMS system and wait for the republished agenda to be transferred to FirstAgenda and release it. The new version will replace the old one, and the meeting participants will not lose notes and shared comments. However, there may of course be situations where the most important thing is to delete the agenda/minutes immediately. Read how below.


If you delete a meeting by mistake, it is not possible restore the meeting again!

How to delete an agenda 

  • click on Meetings in the left menu
  • click on the drop-down menu to choose the team in which your agenda is created
  • click the orange arrow to the right of the meeting

  • click on the red trashcan icon at the top of the meeting information box

  • click on Delete to delete your agenda

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