How do I create a new meeting?

Note that you can only create meetings in teams without integration - meaning that the teams has not been transferred to FirstAgenda from another system.

How to create a meeting:

  • click on Meetings in the left menu
  • click on Create new meeting at the far right 

  • now you see a new screen where you enter information about the meeting, such as team, name, date, and time. If you want to set up a new team for your meeting, click Team in the left menu. See how to create a team.
  • further you should decide whether the meeting should be open or closed. If you do not close the meeting (do not click on the orange padlock), the meeting will be accessible to all members of the organisation (presuppose that the team is open)
  • after entering click Save

The meeting information you have entered will be displayed at the meetings frontpage. The meeting participant will see the information when he or she accesses the specific meeting in FirstAgenda.
In the information field you can enter details that you want to make the participants pay particular attention to.

Create agenda items

After you have created the meeting, you are ready to create agenda items in the meeting. See here how to add agenda items

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