How do I attach appendices to an agenda item?

Once you have created an agenda item in your meeting in FirstAgenda, you can add appendices.

Go to the agenda item by clicking at Meetings, select your meeting and finally the agenda item that should have appendices added. Now you are ready to add appendices.

How to attach appendices:

  • click on the field with the "orange cloud", which is found under the item's content
  • there will open a file explorer where you can find the documents to be attached as appendices
  • select your document(s) via the file explorer. It is possible to multi-upload appendices by selecting multiple documents at the same time.
  • Your uploaded appendices will be saved automatically.

After uploading, you can also change the documents order. You do this by holding down the left button of the mouse at the attachment you want to move either up or down. When the appendix have the correct order, you can change the numbering of the appendices by clicking in the number-field on the appendix.

  • click on the orange padlock if you want the appendix to be accessible only for the members (not necessary if the item is closed).
  • you can delete the appendix by clicking on the trash can icon at the far right of the appendix.

When you are finished making content for the item and upload appendices, you can navigate to the creation of new items by clicking on the orange +, under your already established agenda items.

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