How do I delete cache and cookies in my browser?

On this page you can read a guide on how to delete your cookies. Before you begin, it is necessary to know which browser you are sitting in, so you can follow the right guide. If you do not know what browser you're using, you can quickly find it by clicking on this page: (opens in a new tab).

The following guide shows how to delete cookies in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer

1. Click st the "Settings" icon (the small sprocket top right) and select "Internet Options"

2. Click at the "Delete ..." button

3. Check the box "Cookies and website data" and click "Delete".

4. Restart Internet Explorer and log in again.


Google Chrome

1. Click at the settings icon (the three lines in the top right) and select "Settings".

2. Scroll down the page and select "Advanced settings"

3. Select "Clear browsing data ..."

4. Place a check mark in the "Cookies and other site and plugin data" and "Cached images and files". Check the drop down menu at the top is set to "always" and click "Clear browsing data".

5. Restart Chrome and login to FirstAgenda again.

If you are missing a browser, or do you still experience problems, please contact the support:

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