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Where do I see the voting result?

You can quickly see what the meeting participants have voted. 

  • Click Meetings in the left sidebar
  • Find your meeting in the meeting overview and click the orange arrow far to the right
  • Click SETTINGS in the top menu of the meeting
  • Find that agenda item you want to see the voting results from and click Download approval report in the top
  • The PDF will open in the browser (if the PDF doesn't open directly in a new tab then click the new tab next to called Aspose)


Now you quickly get an overview if everyone has voted, who voted what, and when they gave their vote. Besides, the approval sheet will work as valid documentation for the voting result.

Download the approval sheet if you for instance need it as an attachment in the meeting minutes.


If you need to vote about more suggestions at the same time and at the same item, then remember that the agenda producer needs to download the PDF before you make another vote. On the PDF with the voting results the agenda producer will be able to distinguish between the different votes by the different time stamps.


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