What is approval?

The approval function in FirstAgenda makes it possible for meeting participants to approve minutes digitally.

Approve minutes digitally

Approvals can be used to replace the physical signature sheet that meeting participants are required to sign regarding approval of minutes, e.g. at political meetings and board meetings. By using digital approval, the agenda producer avoids “chasing” the person that had to leave straight after the meeting and didn’t get to sign.

In FirstAgenda, the agenda producer can quickly get an overview of which meeting participants have approved, and which have not. With this overview, it is also possible to send a reminder to the meeting participants who have not yet approved the minutes. When everyone has approved, the agenda producer can download an approval sheet, which contains the names of everyone who have approved at the given time. The approval sheet can then be archived.

The function can also be used to approve individual items - approval just needs to be activated for each item that should require approval.

Example of the approval process:

  • the agenda producer releases an agenda, e.g. for a Council meeting. An extra agenda item is added to the agenda (always the last item). This agenda item is called “Signature sheet” and has a “main document” with the text content: “Description of the case (headline)”
  • the team has to approve the decision protocol. To approve the decision protocol, each member has to sign by clicking on “Approve”.
  • on the agenda item “Signature sheet”, the approval function has been activated by the agenda producer.
  • when the meeting is over, the meeting facilitator will remind all meeting participants to click on Approve on the item “Signature sheet” before they leave. If any of the meeting participants have already left, the agenda producer will, through the approval function, send them a reminder to approve.

Activating the approval function

It’s the agenda producer in a team that needs to activate approvals, and as soon as the function has been activated, the approval button will be visible for the meeting participants. You can read more about how to activate approval for a team and agendas, and how to change the rights of approval for meeting participants, in our articles about approval.

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