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How do I give a user the permission to approve?

To give a user the permission to approve agendas in a team, you need to be an agenda producer. Then, you have to make sure that the user is part of the team, and that the approval function is turned on for the team.

How to give a user permission to approve an agenda

  • Log in to FirstAgenda.
  • Click on Teams in the left navigation menu.
  • Select a team that needs approvers.
  • Click on the link "Edit" in the list of Users.
  • Find the specific user in the user list and tick the checkbox "Primary approver" or "Secondary approver" (your options are automatically saved).

  • Click on "Close" to save and exit the user list.

When you have activated approval for an agenda item, the users who you have made approvers will automatically be able to approve the item (note that only released agendas can be approved).

See how to activate approval in an agenda item here

Important: The role as primary and secondary approver is activated for all future agendas for the team. When you turn on approval for an agenda item, those two roles will be shown on the approval status list. Users that are primary approvers will automatically be required to approve the item, while secondary approvers need to be made able to approve the specific agenda item.

Read how to change roles for approval for an agenda item.

Info: You can also give the role as approver through each user’s settings. Click on "Users" in the left navigation menu and find the user you want to make changes to.

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