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How can a “secondary approver” approve meeting minutes?

If you want a user to be able to approve minutes in one meeting, but don’t want them to be able to approve other minutes in the team, you can give the user temporary permission to approve the minutes.

This can be necessary in cases where a primary approver isn’t able to approve the minutes, e.g. he or she could not attend the meeting, prolonged absence or for other reasons. The secondary approver will in such situation be able to work as a substitute for the primary approver.

Give a secondary approver permission to approve

  • Log in to FirstAgenda.
  • Click on "Meetings".
  • Select the minutes with approvals activated and click on the tab "Settings".
  • Click on the user icon  next to the approval function.
  • Find the secondary approver that will need to approve.

  • Click on the “slider” so that it turns green on the user that is secondary approver (you can also deactivate the primary approver at the same time).

The secondary approver now has to approve the item in this minutes. You can send a reminder to the secondary approver by ticking the box next to the user and click on the orange button Remind selected members.

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