View SMS codes and adjust the personal email

As administrator in FirstAgenda you can assist the users yourself if they are in need of a SMS code or need to adjust their personal email. 

This means that you no longer need to contact FirstAgenda if a user e.g. has "locked himself out of FirstAgenda" and therefore can not adjust their personal email to get a new password. Or if the user, by some reason, is not receiving their SMS code. 

This is how the administrator adjusts the personal email for a user

  • Click the menu item Users and select a user
  • Click the button Edit*
  • The email box will be unlocked. Type in the new email.
  • Press Save to save the new email address for the user

* If the "Edit"-button does not show up it is because the user has access to other external organizations. It is only possible to change the personal email for users that does not have access to other organizations than the organization you are administrator for. If the user has access to several organizations, the user needs to change the personal email himself (see how in this guidance) or you need to contact FirstAgenda Support if the user is locked out. 

Please note: Every time an administrator changes a personal email for a user it will be logged who has made the change and when. In the left side menu under "Settings" as administrator you can download an overview of users which personal email has been changed, who made the change, and when it happened. 

This is how the administrator can view the users' SMS codes

If a user addresses you because they have not received their SMS code directly, you can now find the SMS code under the user's profile:

  • Click Users in the left side menu and find the user you need
  • Scroll down to the Login category on the user's profile
  • Next to SMS code you need to click the button Show SMS code*
  • The SMS code will now show up
  • You are now able to communicate the SMS code to the user

* If the line with the SMS code does not show up under the user's profile, it is because the user HAVE NOT clicked the link in the mail they received when e.g. creating the user or changing password. Therefore, you need to ask the user to click the link in the mail. Then the SMS code will be created and you will be able to view it under the user profile. 

Please note: As an administrator click "Show SMS code" it will be logged who has clicked the button and when it happened. 

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