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What can an administrator do?

As an administrator, you have access to the following areas of FirstAgenda:

  • Users - creation of users etc.
  • Groups - creation of groups.
  • Teams - changing to closed/open teams.
  • Import - see which agendas that have been transferred to FirstAgenda.
  • Organisation - settings such as time out on iPads, contact details etc.
  • Reading of FirstAgenda - here you can see the same as the meeting participants.

FirstAgenda administrators have the overall responsibility for the general settings for the use of FirstAgenda in their organisation. Under the "Organisation" menu point, you can for example enter how long a timeout there should be on the iPad and register contact details for who should have the main responsibility for the support of FirstAgenda in your organisation.

Administrators can also create users, edit user profiles and decide which teams users can be attached to. As administrator, you decide in this way that the right people have access to FirstAgenda in your organisation. An administrator can create users generally, while an agenda collector also have permission to create users in the teams which they are responsible for.

An administrator does not generally have access to all the teams and can therefore not publish agendas. An administrator can however always attach themself to a team and in this way give themselves the rights of an agenda collector and then publish agendas and minutes.

As administrator, you are typically a super user of FirstAgenda in your organisation and the one who the agenda collectors can go to if they have questions or problems about FirstAgenda.

Get an overview of what rights an administrator and agenda producer have in FirstAgenda here: Where do I manage FirstAgenda?

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