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What is an auto-allocator?

An auto-allocator can be useful for people who work with different organizations under one single group, and needs to release agendas from the same DMS to all the organizations.

Data Management Systems are often only able to export data to one single folder, meaning that by default, it is not possible to release to different organizations in FirstAgenda without having several upload clients installed for each organization.

An auto-allocator helps you allocate agendas/minutes into different folders on your server, which makes it possible to release to different organizations in FirstAgenda.


Through a tool for the auto-allocator, you enter which teams belong to the different organizations in FirstAgenda. The auto-allocator opens the different agendas/minutes from the DMS’s source directory, and based on a list, the agendas/minutes will be placed in the correct upload folders, from where it will be uploaded to the correct organization in FirstAgenda.

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