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How do I get AD login in FirstAgenda?

In this article you can read about your possibilities regarding activation of the AD login in FirstAgenda.

What is AD login?

AD stands for Active Directory and is a setup to approve users managed by an ADFS server. This allows "single sign-on" access to systems internally in organisations. For example login to a Windows computer, email, etc.

If your organisation is using AD login you also have the opportunity to use your AD login in FirstAgenda. This way your users only have to log in one time in all places. 

Contact us at to learn more about your options about using AD login in FirstAgenda.

Requirements for use of ad login in FIRSTAGENDA

  • The ADFS server needs to be accessible from outside. Which means the meta data url must be exhibited external
  • Required claims FirstAgenda needs to be able to login:
    • Given Name (First name)
    • Surname (Last name)
    • Email Address
    • If necessary Group-claim Name (Name of organisation)*

*Group claim name

By creating AD groups you can limit the access to your organisations such that not all users in your organisation will gain access to FirstAgenda. 
Place the users that need access to FirstAgenda in the right AD groups (group claim name).

Read more about AD groups

Communication to your users

  • When AD login is activated for your organisation(s), the users will in the future log in with their email addresses (AD login)
  • The users are automatically logged in when working internally. When using the iPad, AD login is required (this depends on the settings in your ADFS server).
  • Please note: If you experience problems when loggin in the users must contact your own helpdesk!

Creation of new users

When AD login is activated for an organisation the creation of new users change a bit:

  • Users log in with their AD email
  • An email will be send to your Helpdesk regarding the new users who have logged in
  • The Helpdesk/the agenda producer will attach the users to the suitable teams


  • The agenda producer creates users in FirstAgenda
  • The agenda producer attach the users to the teams
  • The user receives an email and log in to FirstAgenda with their AD email and has access to the right teams
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