How do I create AD users?

There are two different options when creating AD users in FirstAgenda: 

1. Start the user creation in FIRSTAGENDA

To be able to pre-create users* in FirstAgenda you have to either be administrator or agenda producer with the rights to user administration.

  • Log in to FirstAgenda
  • Click Users in the left side menu
  • Press the button Register
  • Type in email address, first name and last name for the new user
  • Press Save
  • Attach the user to the teams that he/she need to be a member of. Assign the rights to the user e.g. agenda producer, administrator etc.
  • The user will receive a welcome email with the message that he/she can log in to FirstAgenda with their email address 

It is an advantage that the agenda producer/administrator has pre-create the user in FirstAgenda since the user by first login attempt already has the relevant team attached.

2. The users create their own account by logging in with their ad email

  • The user enters or opens the FirstAgenda App on their iPad
  • The user types in their AD mail
  • The password box will disappear and the user clicks the arrow to continue
  • On the AD login site the user will type in the AD password. (The AD email is transferred from FirstAgenda login box) and click Login
  • The user is now logged in to FirstAgenda but can only view open teams
  • The administrator (the one who is responsible for support in your organisation) will receive an email regarding the user who logged in to FirstAgenda and can subsequently attach the user to the relevant teams

* In fact, the user will first be created correct in the moment the user log in with their AD login. By login, FirstAgenda will receive last name, first name, and email address. These data will be matched with the user you as agenda producer/administrator have pre-created in FirstAgenda. If you e.g. while pre-creating the user have misspelled the name, it will be overwritten with the name registered in your AD. It is the email address that is key. That means, if you have typed in the wrong email address there will be created a new user and the user you have pre-created will not be used. 

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