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Create users with AD email in external organizations

Fail Scenario

A user experiences problems when creating an account for an organization. After clicking the link in the email invitation, the user types in his/her email address and will subsequently either be brought back to its own organization or receive the fail message "Email reserved to AD login". This happens every time the user tries to create an account with the email address.

Why does it fail?

The user is trying to create an account with AD email which causes the redirects that send the user back. The organization claims all emails ending with "" (I.e. a typical municipality email). The user must therefore follow one of the solutions mentioned below to be set up: 


  • The user has a username:

Ask the user if he/she has a username. If that is the case, the user must log in with the username instead of the email address when the user clicks the link in the invitation email. The user can see their username in the web version of FirstAgenda by clicking "Edit profile". Alternatively, the user must contact their administrator in the municipality to get their username informed. 

Please note: If the user tries to log in with their username afterwards and receives the fail message "wrong password or email" is it most likely because the user has forgotten their password to the FirstAgenda login. This can namely be different from the AD login. Here, the user needs to change his/her password to a new one before the user can log in with the new username. The user changes the password by cklicking "Forgot password?" in the bottom af the page and afterwards typing in the username (not the email address!).

See how the password is changed in this article: Forgot your password? - how to change it

  • The user does not have a username:

If the user does not have a username you have the two following options:

  1. The user contacts his/her administrator in the municipality and ask them to allow the user to log in with FirstAgenda-login. This means that the administrator in the municipality will assign the user with a username and allow the user to log into external organizations around their AD-login. If neessary, you can send this article to the administrator in the municipality:
  2. If the administrator does not want to exempt the user from AD-login in the municipality, the user has to create a brand new user from a different email address in your organization. It can for instance be through a gmail or something similar. When the user is created with an external email, the user will now have two different profiles in FirstAgenda, where one of them has access to your organization and the other has access to the municipality. Next, you can write to FirstAgenda Support at where you can request to get the two profiles merged into one and the email corrected to the AD-mail. This way the user can switch between the two organizations from the same profile. At the same time, the user is assigned a username by FirstAgenda Support which the user has to use to be able to switch from the AD-organization to your organization.
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