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Can a user be exempted from the AD login?

Yes, it is possible to exempt a user from using the AD login. Even if your organization is set to use AD login in FirstAgenda. 

Some users prefer to use FirstAgenda when logging in instead of the AD login. Often it is because the user already has access to other organizations and thinks it is more convenient to use the same login for the different organizations instead of having to remember two logins (one AD login to your orgnization and one FirstAgenda login to the other FirstAgenda organization).

The user can be exempted from using ad login in two ways:

  • GUIDE 1: Use the fuction "Allow FirstAgenda Login" or
  • GUIDE 2: Change work email and username to something else than the AD email

GUIDE 1: use the function "Allow firstagenda login"

As administrator you have to make sure that the user's work email is an AD email when using "Allow FirstAgenda login". Next you have to change the username to something else than the AD email. See the screenshot below and learn how to activate the function for the user. 

  • Select the concerned user in the left side menu Users
  • Click Activate FirstAgenda login


  • Fill in the mobile number (if required)
  • Click on Activate FirstAgenda login

  • Adjust the username to something else than the user's AD email. It can e.g. be the user's initials.


  • The user can now log in with their FirstAgenda login instead of the AD login and will from now on be able to log in with the new username. Please do not forget to notify the user about the new username. 

Please note:

  • The user has to create a password to his/her FirstAgenda login. This is done by the user by clicking "Forgot password?". As administrator you can also click "Send link to new password" in the user's profile. 
  • The user can still choose to login with his/her AD login simply by typing in the AD email in the login box. By that the "Allow FirstAgenda login" will not remove the option to log in with AD login but will allow that the user can ALSO log in with his/her FirstAgenda login via the username. 

In the user list you can easily recognize the AD users that have access to use FirstAgenda login instead of AD login. They are marked with a yellow icon. 

Pleas notice if a user is exempted from using the AD login in FirstAgenda, then the user's access is no longer controlled by your AD. If the user needs to be removed from FirstAgenda it is not adequately to deactivate the user in the AD. The deactivation also needs to be done in FirstAgenda. In return, these users are easy to find as it will be indicated with a yellow icon.


GUIDE 2: Change work email and username to something else that the AD eMAIL






If the user is not supposed to be able to login with the AD login, it is important to chance the AD email to a different email. Furthermore, the user can not have a username that is identical to the AD email. Go to the user and adjust the Username. Afterwards please contact FirstAgenda Support to change the work email at It is important that the email address or username do not end with the email domain you use in your organization. In the exampe above it can not be "".

If a password is changed the users it concern need to act as reqular FirstAgenda users - ie. click the link "Forgot password?" in the bottom of the login box and follow the instructions.

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