System update from 05:00 PM 22nd of October to 11:59 PM 24th of October.

FirstAgenda Prepare

During the weekend of October 22 to October 24, FirstAgenda will perform a necessary system update of FirstAgenda Prepare.

FirstAgenda Prepare will be unavailable in the period from 05:00 PM 22nd of October to 11:59 PM 24th of October.

This means that you can not log in to Prepare during the above period, and that you can therefore neither prepare nor read agendas.


A lot of infrastructure packages need to be updated. The packages form the basis of our solution and ensure future development, stability and security on the platform we use.

If the update with the infrastructure packages goes well, then we will subsequently be able to update FirstAgenda Prepare with the new method for creating meetings in Prepare. It means:

  • Immediate processing of uploaded files
  • If an agenda is to be sent for reviews, it is now a button so you have better control of when the notification should be sent
  • New release flow
  • No re-processing if you change access to closed points.
  • All documents no longer need to be re-processed by changing 1 document or adding extra point.


If you have a meeting that takes place at the above time, we recommend

  • that agenda producers download a PDF in Prepare with meeting material and distribute it around before the meeting. This can be done using our PDF module.
  • it is possible that you and your users can use the offline function while the update is taking place. It requires users to have iPad to use offline feature. This means that your users can download a version of the meeting they need to prepare for before Friday the 22nd at 17.00 and then read, take notes and make markings in it. When the system is up and running again, then their offline preparation will sync with the online version of the meeting and they will have all their data.

    The only thing that is very important is that when users need to access the offline version of the meeting, the iPad must be in flight mode.

    Read more about the offline feature

Remember to inform internally in your organization.

If the system is ready ahead of time, we will write it on our operational information so you can keep an eye on it.

Best regards

FirstAgenda team