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How do I test that I can transfer agendas?

Before you set Scheduled Task to automatically transfer your agendas and minutes to Prepare, it is a good idea to carry out a manual test to ensure that you can transfer agendas via the upload-client.

how to carry out a test:

  • First, install the Prepare Upload-client and confirm the server. Read more about installing the upload-client.
  • Place a test agenda in the folder from which agendas are sent to Prepare.
  • Go to the folder with the installation files and use the file FirstAgendaStarter.exe.
  • Log on to Prepare and choose the Committee menu.
  • Click on the committee the test agenda was created in.
  • Attach yourself to the committee and make yourself agenda collector.
  • Choose the Import menu.
  • Your test agenda should be found under the column Versions being read if the transfer was a success.
  • You could also click on the Agenda or minutes link to see if it all looks good.


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