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How do I install the Prepare Upload-client?

This installation guide is a guide to setting up the encrypted HTTP-transfer, so that you can transfer your agendas to First Agenda by using the First Agenda Upload-client.

Note that the Prepare Upload-client can only be installed on Windows.

overview of how you start

  • Communication via the Upload-client runs on port 433, which is the standard port for HTTPS. Note that this port must be open for outgoing traffic.
  • Net Framework 4.5.1 or newer must be installed on the server which the upload-client is installed on.
  • You need to use the information found on Prepare under the menu point Settings. You will therefore need a log in for Prepare with administration rights. When you have activated your user on Prepare, you will find the necessary information on Prepare via
  • You will need to create two folders on the server: One folder where the installation files can be copied, one folder for the agenda files. The upload client deltes agenda files from their place on the server after each upload.
  • We recommend that you create a Service user for the development of the upload client on the server and that this user only has access to the upload client and the copy library. In this way, you can ensure that the wrong files are not transfered/deleted.

Installation of the upload client

Before you can install the upload client, you must activate it in your organisation. Contact us on to activate the use of the upload client. Afterwards, you are ready to install the Prepare Upload-client.

1. Start by creating the two folders on the server: one folder for the installation files (called for example "PrepareUploader"), and a second folder for the agenda foldes.

2. Log on to Prepare via remember that the user you log in with must have administration rights.

3. In Prepare, choose the menu Settings. Scroll down the page until you come to Upload-settings (found at the bottom-left of the page).

4.  Enter the name of the thread where the agenda folder which should be sent to Prepare is placed. This is saved automatically. See the example below. Enter the name of the thread and click on Get klient

  1. Click on Get client.
  2. Open the xip-file and copy the two installation files "FirstAgendaStarter.exe" and "Settings.xml" to the foolder "PrepareUploader" which you have just created.
  3. Run the file FirstAgendaStarter.exe. Once this process is complete, you will see that the folder "PrepareUploader" now contains further files.
  4. Go to Prepare again, choose the Settings menu and confirm your server under "upload-settings" by clicking on Confirm. See the example below.

Confirm your server

The Upload-client is now installed on your server and an automatic transfer of the agenda should be created. Before creating an automatic transmission,  it is a good idea to carry out a manual test to ensure that you can transfer agendas via the upload-client. Wait to perform the manual transfer until 5 minutes have passed

Creation of scheduled task

An automatic transfer of your agendas to Prepare should be created through the use of Scheduled Task in the operating system (Windows).

Note: The user profile who develops the planned assignment should be the same as the service-user profile who has created/configured the upload client. 

We refer to for information about the creation of Scheduled Task. 


You must make the same set-up as described above and install the Upload client on the new server.

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