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How are agendas transfered to Prepare?

During the implementation of Prepare, a program was added which ensures the secure transfer of agendas and minutes which you publish in your document management system to Prepare. The transfer happens via HTTPS with the help of the Prepare Upload-client

It is not possible for us to known precisely how the process went before the agenda is exported to us, but in most cases it is as illustrated below.

An agendas transfer to First Agenda

The three folder, D1, D2 and D3, are examples of the different agendas which have been created in an  document management system, When you have completed an agenda (e.g. D1) and click on Publish - or whatever the button is called in your document management system - the agenda will be copied to a source folder. In the source folder, all the finished agenda are kept until the Upload-client sends the agendas to Prepare. How often the transfer happens depnds on which interval your organisation has chosen. Most have set the automatic transfer for every 5 minutes (contact your IT-department to find out what the precise interval is).

When the agendas are visible in Prepare under the "Versions being read" column, there will be a short time (often just a few minutes) before the files have been treated and are ready to be released. After their release, the agendas can be shown correctly both on iPad and online.

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