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When should you, and when should you not create a team in Prepare?

When should I not create a team in Prepare?

If you create your agendas in a DMS, you should NOT create committees in Prepare, you should create your committee in your DMS. Once you have published an agenda from the newly created committee in your DMS, the committee will be created automatically in Prepare.

Remember that you need to add yourself to the new committee and have the rights as an agenda producer, before you can view the agenda and the new committee in Prepare. Contact your administrator to be assigned to the new committee.

Note: It is important that you do not create committees in Prepare, which must be in your DMS. You need only to create committees in Prepare, if you need to facilitate meetings where the agenda don't exist in your DMS and therefore must be created manually.

When Should i create a team in Prepare?

You need to create committees in Prepare, if Prepare does not have an integration with another system, like a DMS. You use Prepare as an agenda system where you can create and write agendes directly in Prepare. Before you can begin to create meetings, you must create a committee in Prepare.

You can also create committees in Prepare, even if you are using Prepare with a DMS, but as mentioned above the is only for committees, which does not exist in your DMS.

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