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How do I configure the Publishing module?

You must be an administrator in Prepare to change the settings under the menu point Publishing.

Agenda producers cannot go to this menu point.

Under the Publishing menu, you get an overview of which agendas your organisation transfers from Prepare to your homepage. You also have the opportunity to add new committees and choose whether a title for a closed point should be shown or not. Remember that agendas are not transfered directly to your homepage, but 'wait' in a publishing folder on the server in your organisation before they are presented on the homepage. The Publishing module merely makes sure that you receive the data from the agendas you wish to show on the homepage.

Start date for publishing:

Next to the Start date for publishing field, choose the date from which you wish agendas to be published from Prepare. Click on Save to save the date.

add committees to the homepage:

To the right, you now attach the committees which you wish should present agendas on your homepage. To begin with, there will not be titles from closed points, only the title "Closed point". If you wish to show the closed title, choose to put a tick under the column Show closed title. Also put a tick in the field under Show closed decision if the closed decision should also be shown on your homepage.

Note that the content of the closed point with the case and attachments will not be shown on the homepage.

Vælg de udvalg, som skal præsenteres på hjemmesiden
Choose the content presented on the homepage

republishing agendas:

At the bottom of the page you will find the log of the agendas which have been transfered to your homepage via the Publishing module. If you for one reason or another have deleted an agenda from your homepage and would like to transfer the agenda again, you can find the agenda in the Published agendas field and then click on Republish. It will then be transfered to your homepage as soon as your Scheduled Task starts again. How often your Scheduled Task automatically retrieves agendas from Prepare dependson the interval you have chosen under the configuration of Scheduled Task in Windows.

Download settings:

The Delete function, which you find under the Download settings field, should only be used if you replace the Windows PC/server you have installed the Prepare Download-client on or if you wish to create a new path to the published agenda files. If you do, you should first click on the Delete button and then follow the guidelines for the installation of the Publishing module Download client.

Important: To be shown the Publishing menu, you must buy the additional product Prepare Publishing module.

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