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Where do I administrate Prepare?

The administration module for Prepare is found by loggin in to (the same url as the meeting particiapnts use). If you have the role of agenda collector or administrator in Prepare, you will - instead of the reading section of Prepare - be presented with the administration module.

Note that the administration module cannot be accessed via the Prepare app on the iPad.

Only administrators and those responsible for the agendas have access to the administration module. Which areas you have access to depends on the role you have been given. The diagram below shows which rights administrators and agenda collectors have.

REttighed Administrator Dagsordensamler
Opret bruger x x
Slet bruger x  
Tilknyt bruger til udvalg x x
Fjern bruger fra udvalg x x
Fjern bruger fra lukket punkt   x
Giv bruger reviewer-rolle x x
Slet udvalg x  
Opret/Slet gruppe x  
Rediger organistionsindstillinger x  
Oprette møder (Kun TEAM)
Oprette dagsordner (Kun TEAM) x x


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