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Can I change the layout for the main document?

It is only possible to change the layout for the main documents in agendas made in your DMS. And the change must be made by an administrator.

If for example you want to have your minute og decision to be in the top of the main document, then you can choose any order as long as your main document is send to us as a html. If you are in doubt on what format we receive your main document in, please feel free to contact FirstAgenda Support.

Changing the layout on the main document:

  • select Settings in the left menu
  • Scroll down the page until you reach Layout for main document
  • turn the slider to green
  • place your mouse on the up and down arrows next to a headline and move it to the desired position
  • you can also select gray, blue or white background color by clicking on either the blue or gray circle an then mark off the titles where the background color is visible. If you do not choose a color the background color will be white.
  • When you are finished setting the layout click Save

NB: the new setting on the layout of the main documents will be shown in future agendas. The settings will not work on already published agendas or minutes. Remember also that changes in the layout will be shown on all committees in your organisation.

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