How do I sign in to FirstAgenda?

You can currently login to FirstAgenda in two ways. Either:

  1. Sign in with your Office 365 account OR
  2. Sign in with your phone calendar (username)

Important to know before you start

Before you can sign in to FirstAgenda, there are a few technical requirements to be met before you can get started. Read more about the Technical Requirements for using the FirstAgenda


1. Sign in with your Office 365 account

  • Click "Sign in"
  • Click "Sign in with Office 365" 
  • Select your account and enter your Office 365 login
  • Click "Login"


2. Sign in with your phone calendar

  • Click "Sign in"
  • Click "Sign in with username
  • Enter email and password
  • Click "Sign in"

Note: If you don't have a username, you can create one by following this article:

You now have access to your meeting list in FirstAgenda. Please note that it may take some time before all your meetings are synchronized, if it's the first time you log in.

Note: If your phone supports login with touch ID, the feature can be used the next time you log in to FirstAgenda. After login, go to Settings (the gray gear in the upper left corner of the app) and activate "Require Touch ID".

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