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How do I find committees and meetings?

Via the menu on the left hand side, you can navigate between committees, meetings, agendas, main documents and appendices. Under My committees you will find the committees you are a member of. Under Other committees you will find the committees in your organisation which you are not a member of but which you can read the agendas from which are open. Under Historical committees you will find 'old' committees which are no longer relevant.

How to find a particular agenda:

  • Choose a Committee in the left side menu

  • Choose a meeting time for the meeting

  • Choose the agenda item you want to read and navigate between the main document and appedices via the menu on the left and the "go back" button in the top left corner. 

You can also switch between the different agenda ites quickly by using the arrows in the top right corner 


  • The orange color indicates that an agenda item is open.
  • The red color indicates that an item is closed.
  • The clips in the orange circle indicate that the item has one or more attachments.

Click on The list icon (not available in the web-edition) at the top of the screen to hide the left side menu. 

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