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What can I do in the FirstAgenda meeting platform?

As a user of FirstAgenda, you have the opportunity to use our new meeting platform.

With this, you get even more opportunities to optimize your meetings and also help for remembering what you have agreed on in the meetings.

As soon as your meetings are released in FirstAgenda, you can also see them in the FirstAgenda meeting platform. You will then be able to:

  • Assign tasks to each other
  • Create decisions
  • Create quick summaries
  • Save photos (e.g. of the board with the great sketches)
  • Use speech recognition
  • Get automatically generated keywords from the meeting, that work as memory triggers (if Speech Recognition is activated)
  • Create bookmarks, so that you can easily find and re-listen to relevant parts of the meeting (if Speech Recognition is activated)

Read more about all the benefits below.

Assign tasks to each other

During your meetings, you can easily create tasks for each other and give them a deadline. When the task is done, it can be marked as done. This way, there is no doubt who is supposed to do what and when. You can also easily track whether the task is getting done.

If you have chosen to use Speech Recognition, you will even be able to re-listen to the part where the task is getting created, to get everything in the context.

Create decisions

In the same way as with Tasks, during the meeting you can also add or record decisions, so that you can always find them later, in the meeting where you made the decision.

If Speech Recognition has been activated during the meeting, and you later wonder what the decision is based on, you can quickly click on the decision and re-listen to the specific part, where the decision was made. This way, you avoid misunderstandings and uncertainty about “what did we actually decide”.

Create quick summaries

Do you need to make a short summary of the meeting? With the Summary function, you kan write or record a short summary, so that the meeting attendees can quickly get an overview of what you discussed. The summary can be made by all meeting attendees.

Save photos

Take a photo of the good sketch or drawing on the board, and upload it to the meeting. This way, it is easy for all meeting attendees to find all good sketches, notes and ideas again. So no more hassle with sharing photos after the meeting!

Speech recognition

When the meeting starts, you can activate Speech Recognition with a single click. The speech recognition technology automatically indexes and analyzes the meeting, so that all meeting attendees can later receive a searchable summary with chosen keywords from the meeting.

Note: to record the meeting, you have to have the app installed on your phone. You can find the “FirstAgenda” app here:

App Store:

Google Play:


Keywords is a list of the central keywords that have been discussed at the meeting. The keywords give you a quick overview of the content of the meeting, and are listed in chronological order. Do you need to refresh your memory? Just click on a Keyword and re-listen to the specific sequences that are relevant for you. Keywords are very relevant for you if you are going to write a summary after the meeting - especially if you are using Bookmarks. See below.


With a single click, you can select a piece of the audio recording that is especially relevant for you. The bookmark gives you the opportunity to find your way back and re-listen to the specific sequence later - quickly and easily. This way, you can avoid writing notes, and instead concentrate on what is being said.

Note: Please note that the agenda items and documents don’t get transferred to the FirstAgenda meeting platform. The actual planning of the meeting still happens in FirstAgenda, where you have access to the meeting’s documents and can take notes, share comments with meeting attendees etc. Our new meeting platform is designed to be your preferred tool during the meeting to save and distribute knowledge from the meeting.

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