Which languages can be recorded with Assistant?

You can attend meetings with Danish, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish speaking.

Assistant understands all of the above languages, but only one language can be used as the primary language. So to get the best understanding for keyword generation, you should speak with only one primary language throughout the meeting.

How to change the language in Assistant

  • Log in to the Assistant via the app
  • Select "Settings"
  • Select "Speech regoniction language"
  • Choose the primary language - the page is automatically saved

Important info:

  • All meeting participants at the meeting can set the language.
  • The last meeting participant who sets the language overwrites the other participants' choice of language at the meeting. For example, if you have 3 meeting participants, where the first two have chosen the language "English" and you choose "Danish" as the last one, the whole meeting will be recorded as Danish.
  • It is not possible to switch back and forth between multiple languages as it is always the last setting of languages that overwrite the previous language settings.
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