How do I add bookmarks? (PRO)

A bookmark is personal and will not be visible to other meeting participants. Personal Bookmarks can only be added to an ongoing recording of a meeting.

How to add a bookmark during a meeting

  • Start recording a meeting
  • When something important in the meeting occurs, click "Add bookmark" in the recording dashboard

  • Or the bookmark icon at the top right corner of the red bar (the red bar indicates that a recording is in progress, thus you are able to bookmark an audio clip)

Under Personal Bookmarks, your bookmark appears with the time when the bookmark was added. For example, if you added the bookmark 18 minutes and 4 seconds inside the audio file, the bookmark will be named: "0.18.04"


How to add bookmarks in the meeting minute

  • Go into an ended meeting with and listen to the meeting minute - Audio Minutes
  • In the player, click at the link: + BOOKMARK

Under Personal Bookmarks, your bookmark will appears with the timestamp the bookmark was added.

You can always delete a bookmark again by holding down your finger on the bookmark and pressing Delete.

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