How do I listen to the meeting minutes?

When a meeting is over, an email will be sent to all meeting participants with an auto-generated meeting report called Audio Minutes. If none of the meeting participants have recorded the meeting, there will of course be no Audio Minutes.

How you listen to the meeting minutes

  • Log in to Assistant (or click on the link in the mail)
  • Find the meeting you want to listen to in the meeting overview
  • Under Audio Minutes you will find a number of keywords - selected by occurrence and frequency. If you have saved bookmarks, they can also be found here.
  • Click on the keyword (keyword) you want to listen to
  • Now you can see a player with the places in the audio file, where the chosen topic word is mentioned. Click on the arrow (Play icon)

  • The first context in which the word appears is played (often a couple of seconds before the word is mentioned)
  • Click Next to hear the following context that the word is part of

You can also search after a word, that is not appearing as a tag, by using the search function - Audio search.

  • For example, type "status" - if the word appears in the audio file, the word will also appear below the search box
  • Click on the word and you can see how many times the word is mentioned at the meeting
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