Can I share a meeting minute?

Yes, you can share a meeting minute in Assistant with everyone who has participated in the meeting. Even if they don't have the Assistant installed.

Basically, it's only the meeting participants that have an account in Assistant, which subsequently receives a referral mail when the meeting is over. But you can also send the minutes to those meeting participants who doen't have a user in Assistant yet. Everyone can share the minutes, but only with the people who have attended the meeting.

How to share a meeting minute 

  • Select a meeting you want to share
  • iPhone: Touch "share minutes" in the meeting information
  • Android: Touch the icon at the top right corner  )
  • Mark the meeting participant (s) to send the minute
  • Touch "Share"

You have now shared the meeting with the chosen meeting participants.

Note: It is also possible to share the minute before and during the meeting.

The meeting participants who receive the mail must install the Assistant to access the minutes. 

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