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How do I release an agenda? - without integration

This article describes how to release an agenda or minutes of meetings without integration.
(Read how to release agendas that are transferred from a DMS)

How to release agendas in Prepare - withou integration:

When all items on the agenda is created, it is time for you to release the meeting.

  1. Click the Process button on the top right, next to the status bar. Your agenda will now be processed to be ready to be presented in Prepare. Both the iPad and the web version.


  1. then click the Release button in the top right, next to the status bar. There need to be a green check at Edit and Process before you can release your agenda.


  1. after clicking Release, you'll see the screen below:

Write a comment in the box if you have an important message you want to send out to the committee members along with the agenda notifikation. Perhaps you want to give a reminder, that the meeting is being held in a different meeting room than usual. The comment will become a part of the e-mail notifikation that is sent to the committee members.

If you don't want your committee members to be notified about the release of the agenda, be sure to uncheck Notify committee members.

  1. click Release to make the final release of the agenda.
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