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What is a historical comittee?

When a committee is made Historical, it means that it is placed at the bottom of the left navigation part of the reading section of Prepare. The meeting participants will no longer be able to see the committee under "My committees" but will instead be able to find the committee under Historic committees. In this way, an old committe does not "get in the way" when a meeting participant login to Prepare to read agendas in relevant committees.

Even though a committee is made historic, it still works in the same way as every other committee: agendas can still be published within it and meeting participants can still see notes and markings and highlights in the agendas and minutes of the relevant committee.


  • Click on the menu Committee.
  • Choose the committee which you want to make historic.
  • Activate the slider to Historic committee and click Save.

Click ON to make the committee "historic"

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