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How to add users to a committee

You can add users to a committee in two ways: under the user's profile and under the committee.

adding users to a committee under "users":

  • Click on Users
  • Choose the user who you wish to add to your committee.
  • Scroll down to the section "Committee" and click in "Edit" in the right side of the screen.
  • Choose which committees, you want to add to the user.
  • Decide if the user should have the rights of an agenda producer or whether they should be allowed to read unpublished agendas.

Add users to a committee under "committee"

  • Click on Committee
  • Choose the committee you want to attach the user or users to.
  • Click at the "Edit" button in the right side of the screen and choose the users who are to attached to the committee.

If you are adding multiple users to a committee at once, it is easiest to use the second method, in which you add members via the Committee menu.


As a starting point, a user only has access to the committees in which the user is a member of in Prepare. This applies to both open and closed committees.
It is also possible for the user to access open commands to which the user is not affiliated. This happens when the administrator activates the function Can see all open committees on the user.

This setting applies only to open committees and open meetings. Closed committees or closed items in open meetings can not be seen by the user when the setting is enabled.

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